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Item build for Ursa Warrior and the combos

Ursa Warrior (Ulfsaar) Character Story

Before the invasion of the Scourge, a race of intelligent bears called furbolgs cultivated a quiet spiritual society deep in the heart of Azshara. With most of their kind murdered and corrupted by the Undead, the normally isolated furbolgs were forced to flee to the Sentinel for protection. In revenge, the furbolgs have sent their mightiest Ursa Warrior into battle on those who dare to disturb them again. Enraged by the defilement of his people's sacred land, Ulfsaar is able to channel his fury into a series of extremely quick and brutal swipes, using his razor-sharp claws to overpower his foes and literally tear them apart.

Details about Ursa warrior

Strength - 23 + 2.9
Agility - 18 + 2.1 (Primary)
Intelligence- 16 + 1.5

Base damage 45-49
Attack range of 100 (melee)
Base Armor 4.5
Movement speed of 310

The Skills of Ursa warrior

First skill


Ulfsaar Slams the ground, dealing damage to and slowing the movement speed of nearby enemy land units.
Lasts 4 seconds

Level 1 - 70 damage, 25% slow.
Level 2 - 120 damage, 35% slow.
Level 3 - 170 damage, 45% slow.
Level 4 - 220 damage, 55% slow.

7 seconds cooldown
75 mana cost
250 AOE

Second Skill


Sends Ulfsaar into a rage until he can expend his energy on a target. Lasts 15 seconds or 5 attacks.

Level 1 - 100% increased attack speed.
Level 2 - 200% increased attack speed.
Level 3 - 300% increased attack speed.
Level 4 - 400% increased attack speed.

10 seconds cooldown
45/55/65/75 mana cost

3rd Skill (Passive)
Fury Swipes

Fury Swipes

Each attack opens the wound deeper in the target, causing subsequent attacks to deal increased damage.

Level 1 - 6 bonus damage per attack.
Level 2 - 12 bonus damage per attack.
Level 3 - 18 bonus damage per attack.
Level 4 - 24 bonus damage per attack.

Orb Effect does not effect:item such as Satanic,helm of dominator,sange and yasha,Diffusal Blade,maelstorm.



When activated, greatly increases Ulfsaar's damage based on his current life.

Level 1 - 4% of Ulfsaar's current life is dealt in damage.
Level 2 - 5% of Ulfsaar's current life is dealt in damage.
Level 3 - 6% of Ulfsaar's current life is dealt in damage.

The important item to put in your inventory

from level 1 to 9

Power Threads,Vladimirs Offering,Vanguard ..

from level 10 to 20....

Power Threads,Vladimirs Offering,Vanguard,Lothars Edge or Dagger of escape,Heart,Assault of Cuirass and Black King Bar if the enemy hero is a intelligence type to avoid the cast of spill to Ursa Warrior while doing his combos or you can change Vanguard to Butterfly later part of the game.

The 1 combo kill...

Jump or Dagger to your next to your enemy hero and press E for the earthshock skill,and press V for the Overpower to increase Ursa's attack speed while pressing the R for his ultimate so that he can deliver his passive third skill rapidly and at the same time the degree of damage he delivers to the enemy for the kill while his enemy is slowed from his first skill...if the enemy is not yet dead continue with another earthsock and perfom the process until the enemy hero is dead..anyway the first skill cooldown is 7seconds only ..Or you can simply use the lothars edge for the accuracy of the destination where you want to do the eartshock skill and just do the following step same to the first combo above.

Weakness Enemy heroes :
As far as the Dota players is concern, Ursa warrior is a tough hero but every hero has its own weaknesses even Superman has its cryptonite. Ursa warrior can give a large amount of damage to the enemy if he gets near to them,the probloem is there are other heroes that can avoid the attack of Ursa warrior,heroes that has a slowing skill like Drow Ranger,Viper, Venomancer and other heroes that has a stunt skill like vengeful centaur and nerubian assassin.So make sure the

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